Music and your baby’s intelligence

There are foundations for making a baby intelligencer like nutrition diet, intellectual games … Music inspiration is also a simple way for making a baby intelligencer. Parents can note these simple ways to enhance your baby intelligence.

Listening to music with baby

Let’s choose some instrumental and classical pieces of music to listen with your baby. Instrumental music has various melodies which are correspondent with human’s emotions from lively, exciting melodies to sad and low melodies. By that way, your baby can hear and sense the music to discriminate the expression of the music as well as emotional states.

Playing musical instruments

You can buy cute and simple musical instruments for your baby to play with such as: small drums, celesta, piano, harmonica, maracas … the baby can easily play with these kinds of musical instrument by blowing, flapping, knocking …. to create many exciting and funny sounds. By this way, your baby not only have funny entertaining time but also make a progress in brain development as musical instruments can stimulate nervous system of the baby. Also, you can have chance for discovering new talent of your baby in a kind of musical instrument.

Rhythm simulation

You can play a game with your baby by using drum or maracas or other simple musical instruments to create a chain of simple and catchy rhythm then asking your baby imitate. This is a way to practice short term memory which is very important for it in studying in the future.  You should choose simple and short melodies first then hard and long melodies when your baby feels easy with the simple ones.


Turning on simple and friendly melodies for kids every day, your baby will get acquaintance with them and learn them by heart intuitively. For babies who can walk by themselves proficiently, they can dance with the melodies creatively and interestingly. It will be so fun!


It sounds very sentimental when you and your baby can dance together while doing house chores like dish washing, sweeping, dressing, bathing … in a suitable melody to make an unique dance of yours. You will be amazed by the creativity of your baby when it can make new, interesting and cute dances by its inspiration. Every house chores will be bot bored but exciting and merrily. Also, your baby can develop intelligencer by creative stimulus of brain.

Changing music style

After getting used with some kinds of monotonic and simple pieces of music, you can add new thing into playlist for your baby to refresh. Complex and rhythm-diversified pieces of music are recommended for you to turn on for your baby to listen. Also, your baby can develop its own creativity when dancing with these pieces of music, the movements and postures can also be developed in a much sophisticated way. Initially, chicken dance is a good recommendation for all parents with a gradual higher rhythm; many babies are fond of the rhythm of the dance.

watching TV so much is very harmful for babies

Classical omissions making low development for babies

There are many things that parents often neglect like let their babies drink too little water, watch TV so much, use high-tech devices, and eat too much sweets and snacks … which are very harmful for the development of the babies

The baby drinks too little water

Water plays an important role in the concentration, lingual flexibility of the baby. For babies, water even more vital than for adults as all of the mental and physical activities of the babies all depend on water.

In fact, all babies have high metabolism rate with low body regulation causing lack water. Therefore, the water amount in the baby’s body needs to be added regularly. Once the body of a baby faces up with water deficit, this may lower the concentration ability as well as the awareness and lingual flexibility of the baby.

“water is very important for babies so they need to drink it so often”

Inadequate iron and zinc

The lack of iron in nutrition diet may lead to anemia. All minerals like iron, calcium, Maggie, zinc … are vital for all babies. Many parents have tendency to add too much these minerals into their babies diet that they do not know that not all babies lacks minerals.

6 months after birth is the time for mothers to add iron for their babies as the iron deposit in the baby’s body is used up. Iron is found in many nutritious weaning products, fish, animal livers, meats, rice powder …

Beside iron, zinc is also an important mineral as zinc deficiency may make the baby feels bored with foods and causing low development. Crab, oyster, beef, and beans are rich zinc foods for the baby. Especially, 74mg out of 85 gram oyster is nutritious zinc for babies.

Also, bland food habit is also created for all babies in the early life stage. As the parents adding too much salt into foods, it is not good for the baby’s taste due to sensitive taste. Babies are having lower need of salt or sodium than the adults. High sodium levels in blood will directly affect calcium absorption of the baby which causes low physical development. Moreover, long lasting high sodium level will do harm for kidney’s operation and nervous system of the baby.

Watching TV and using mobile phones so much

Nowadays, many children spend most of their time on watching TVs, using mobile phones or other high-tech devices resulting in early refractive errors including myopia.

Surprisingly, sweet is also a reason for myopia of many babies. Eating or drinking too much sweet gradually lowers the calcium in blood vessel hence causing myopia. Also, sweet can raise the blood pressure and making convex crystal to lead to myopia.

Experts recommended that all parents need to observe and note about the problem. Not to let the children watch TV over 45 minutes and use high-tech devices over 1 hour. Moreover, let lower the sweet in food portion for your baby. The early interference also needed to solve the problem as soon as possible. When watching TV, you should advise your baby to keep a suitable distance with the screen to ensure the vision of it.

“watching TV so much is very harmful for babies”

Lazy bone

There are two main reasons for low calcium bone in many children:

  • Nutrition diet lacks of calcium
  • Movements

There is a fact that, although many babies have a good nutrition diet, they are still thin and weak. It is because the lack of movement. Indeed, since early age, parents need to make their babies have sunbathing for synthesizing vitamin D and eating food containing calcium. Also, outdoor activities and physical sports are important as they will improve bone density for children. Canadian Pediatrics Association recommended that, children over 4 years old need to play sports and take part in outdoor activities 1 hour per day to improve their bone quality. Note that soda, Coca-Cola, … are harmful for bone development.


Foods to enhance your baby’s height

Most of you knows that, hereditary is one of the most important factor to determine the height of a person. However, there are other important things to determine the height of a person; it is nutrition diet and it is crucial for all people to have a suitable nutrition diet in the early stage of their life to have dream height. Therefore, all mothers need to add suitable foods into their baby’s diet to make them higher in the future. Here are some recommended foods that are believed to make your baby higher in the future:


As many babies have seen that sailor Popeye often eats spinach to stronger and taller. The fresh green vegetable contains a large amount of iron and minerals for height development.


Carrot contains high vitamin A amount which is not only good for your baby’s vision but also good for protein synthesis process in the body to make your baby taller. If your baby does not like eating carrot, you can grind carrot into smoothies for it to drink.


This is a huge source of protein for your baby; the kind of protein is vital for your baby in developing phase as it can develop the height of your baby. Interestingly, egg can be processed into many delicious and easy-to-eat dishes like omelet, boiled egg …


Oats is a low fat and rich protein; this is also an ideal breakfast for your baby in every morning. Like egg, oats can be easily processed into many special and tasty dishes with many flavors. Therefore, oats will never absent in the breakfast due to boring reason.

Black soybean

In general, all kinds of bean are good for the development of the baby. In all kinds of bean, black soybean is considered as the healthiest kind with high protein amount for an ideal height in the future.


Milk is rich in calcium and protein which are necessary nutrients for height development of your baby. To have a dream height, your baby needs to drink or eat milk products which are variable from fresh milk, milk powder, yogurt, butter …


Protein in chicken is diversified with high amount. Moreover, chicken is a favorite of many babies as it can be cooked into many dishes like roasted chicken, boiled chicken, chicken soup …


Beside protein and calcium, vitamin A is also believed to make the baby becomes taller. Mango is one of rich in vitamin A fruits that your baby needs to be fed every day.

Along with these recommended foods, outdoor activities and sports are also important factors to make your baby taller and stronger. You need to encourage your baby to play its own interest sports and eating healthy food right in the early stage of its life to ensure that your baby will be confident with its height and strength. This is a crucial preparation for a sustainable development in the future.


6 toys for 3 to 4 years old children

When your small baby grows up and becomes a 3 years old child, it will feel bored with simple and old toys that you bought in the early stage of the life. Moreover, at that age your baby can be sent into a kindergarten, it will receive a new family beside parents and the beloved house; your child will have more friends and learn more about everything. This is also an important phase of your baby’s development; everything needs to be changed to suit with the development of your baby even toys. Here are some toys that are recommended for 3 to 4 years old children:

1. New small vehicles

A small and fabulous vehicle will amazed your baby as it is so nice for having a personal vehicle like adults. Toy vehicles like fire truck, plane, helicopter, taxi … are not only nice friends with your baby but also help your baby to develop the creativity and flexibility.

2. Blocks

Colorful blocks in various shapes and sizes from friendly materials are recommended to buy. Conventionally, blocks are made of wood painted in many colors to make babies feel fancy about them. With the toy, your baby can create its own works like houses, trains and even castles …. They will make your baby much more creative and energetic as the game develops the coordination skill between eyes and hands. Furthermore, it can raise the awareness of your baby about space and social skills.

3. Riding-up toys

In general, babies at the age are very energetic and dynamic. Therefore, they need movable toys that they can control by themselves; a 3-wheels bike is favorable for the smarty babies of the age. They can ride the bike around the house or park to entertain and discover new things. This will be interesting experiments for babies.

4. Home stuffs simulating toys

There is a fact that simulating toys have a magical attraction for many babies as they can use the toys as adults do. Home simulating toys as well as adult simulating toys like doctor kit, kitchen stuffs … are very helpful to develop the thinking of the baby. Besides, there are many toy kits simulation the real life like firefighting kit, vendor kit … and so on

5. Toy models

At the age of 3, you can add toy models in toy collections for your baby; this will make the collection becomes much diversified and interesting for your baby. Moreover, your baby can also develop its own thinking and creativity by playing with the kind of toy.

6. Puzzles

Also, puzzles cannot be absent from toy collection of your baby. The toy can stimulate the brain of the baby as it has to brainstorm to complete the game. Besides, puzzle can teach the children about colors, shapes … for babies from 3 to 4 years old, a puzzles kit of 25 to 100 pieces is favorable and you need to choose handled puzzles for your baby can easily use to play.



How to get pregnant soon?

As long as you are ready to become a mother, you want to have a small family with a new angel; it is very worry to wait for the angel to come. How to get pregnant soon is a concerned question that many women are finding the answer for it. Here are some ways for you to apply to easy get a baby so soon:

Buying an ovulation predictor

Each one has their own atopic, so do not too rely on traditional ovulation calculation because it may not true with you. Let’s buy an ovulation predictor on sale and you will know for sure when your ovulation is. Having sex in ovulation will increase the chance for pregnancy significantly.

Is your thyroid working properly?

Thyroid plays an important role in pregnancy. If your thyroid has any trouble or unbalanced, hormones inside your body will not do good for pregnancy. Therefore, you need to ensure that your thyroid is working properly. This also increases the chance for pregnancy for you.

Traditional sex position

Traditional sex position is considered as the easy way to get pregnant for the woman as it let the sperms stay in the vagina in a longer time than any other position. Choosing this method, you will easy to get pregnant so soon.

Rest after having sex

After having sex, you need to lie on the bed to rest for about 20 – 30 minutes to pave the way for the sperms have longer time in the vagina. Do not go around the room or go to the toilet, this will affect the fertilization.

3 times per week is favorable

3 times having sex per week or more is recommended for couples who are anxious about having a baby. The more times do you have sex, the higher chance will you have pregnant

Giving up cigarette, alcohol and drug

Cigarette, alcohol and drug are the enemy for you in the time you want to have a baby. Moreover, they are very bad habits that affect your health as well as you baby if you are in pregnant. Give up them is the best recommendation for you.

do not using addicted substances
do not using addicted substances

Balance diet and healthy lifestyle

Obviously, a healthy lifestyle and a balance diet will make you feel happy, healthy and get away all tensions in the period. Depression and unbalance diet will make you feel pessimistic and bored hence lowering the chance for you to become a mother. Let’s go on a suitable diet, doing exercise every day and you will get a baby in the near future.

fitness after pregnancy is a concerned problem of all women

How to get perfect shape fitness after pregnancy?

Obviously, how to regain the former fitness after pregnancy always a concerned problem for all mothers; however, baby’s caring and working hours take up all the time of the mothers that they do not have any time for regain their former fitness. Moreover, many mothers have trouble with urinary bladder control. Here are some tips for mothers to solve these problems:

fitness after pregnancy is a concerned problem of all women
fitness after pregnancy is a concerned problem of all women

It is not worth consuming much time and money on expensive therapies and medicines to regain former fitness. Patience and a little time each day are two vital things for you to make the dream come true. According to Monica Rich – a midwife and a physical coach, mothers need to do exercises and choosing exercises suiting for the losing weight purposes. She also gives useful advice for the reason why you need to lose weight after pregnancy.

You have just ended pregnancy and on the way to find simples and effect exercises for losing weight to regain the former fitness. Let’s do simple exercises designed by Monica Rich. Otherwise, you can go for a walk in the park or around the garden of your house. 45 minutes per day is the best medicine for you to reduce the fat in abdomen and laps effectively. If you are busy with your baby, you can put it in the stroller and go for a walk that is a great idea as your baby will feel excited to go out.

If you want to try harder exercises, let’s first go to see your doctor to receive advice. Remember that you have experienced pregnancy period so your body is still rather weak and vulnerable even you can do hard physical training before. Slow and gradual training process is the best recommendation for you.

Pregnancy has influence on your urinary bladder as the rising weight during pregnancy creates stress on the pelvic floor supporting the bladder. Also, pregnancy can make some problems:

  • Changing urinary bladder and urethral position
  • Weaken the vaginal muscles
  • Episiotomy
  • Hurt bladder’s controlling nerves.

Although these health problems above can be disappeared after a few weeks after birth, you still need to concern about useful exercises for controlling bladder in the pregnancy and post pregnancy period.

It can be said that physical excises are the best remedies for a healthy mother. There is a saying “a sound mind in a sound body”; indeed, a sound body is the foundation for developing a sound mind. Therefore, physical exercises under any form from simple to hard are very important for all women after pregnancy. Only when a mother has a “sound body” could she solve all the problems in the house as well as at the office.  Moreover, the stronger your health becomes, the happier your life will be. A healthy mother will have capable of nourishing a healthy baby in the future. In fact, a dynamic mother will inspire energy for her baby to play and do sports. Let’s build a daily habit of jogging with your child to regain the former fitness as well as improve your health after pregnancy.

baby well sleep

How to make your baby get a well sleep?

A well sleep can be considered as a therapy to stimulate the brain development for all babies’ especially new born babies. So well sleeps are vital for all babies and they are one of main factors to make babies well-developed.

Recent studies have shown that the regeneration of babies operates faster in the rest state. A well and high quality sleep can make a baby develop properly, intelligencer and happier.

But how to make a well sleep for your baby is the common question of many parents. Indeed, a well sleep is created by many factors and the care of the parents for their baby. Lack of nutrition, wet nappy, noises, harsh lights are disadvantages for your baby’s sleep. Here are some tips for all parents for a well sleep for their babies:

Choosing right nappy for your baby

For infants, you should choose soft and well-absorbed nappies as the infants excretes so many times in a day even in a little amount each time and the infant’s  skin is very delicate and sensitive. Using cotton nappy is a good recommendation as it very cool and dry; however, cotton fibers may cause rashes and allergies for the baby.

On the other hand, infant’s pads can be good for your new born babies as you choose super soft and absorbed kind of pad. Especially, there is a kind of bottom membrane to drain moisture for your baby making baby’s skin always dry and clean. The elasticity of the rubber band along two side of the nappy is an important thing to consider. If the rubber bands are too tight for the baby, this will cause rash and annoying for the baby while in sleeping

Infant’s pad Bobby newborn with modern silk-soft surface is a good recommendation for mothers. Moreover, the kind of nappy is featured with vitamin E to nourish the silky skin of your baby.

Way to changing nappy

For infant’s pads, you need to remove the silicon layer of the sticky pad and attach the pad on the cotton nappy or nappy for the baby.

On the average, a baby pees 20 times/ day; therefore, you need to change nappy whenever you feel needed. Commonly, 2 – 3 hours is the suitable time for using a nappy and you need to change a new one after the period of time in the first month of your baby. You should not put the nappy to the higher position than the umbilical. For baby boy, you need to put the genital of your boy down and let more part of the pad in the front side; for baby girl, you let more part of the pad to the back side. Baby cream can be used to protect your baby’s skin from urine. The nappy should be fitted with your baby and not too tight with the laps and the abdomen area. Keep the nappy and pads in cool and dry places to make it clean. Remember to clean your hands before changing nappy for your baby to against harmful bacteria.


What to do when a baby refuses to eat?

Question: I have 5 years old boy; however, he seems to be bored with all dishes even special dishes I carefully prepared. Moreover, I and my husband have forced him to eat but it does not have any effect. My boy still eats very little each meal. I am very worry about that. Could you give me any idea to solve the problem? How to make a various nutrition diet for my boy?



Your child has signs showing malnutrition problem. The reason why he does not feel like special and delicious dishes is that you have not practiced him to get used with a square meal with many attractive foods before. So your child feels nonsense with all kinds of food

The thing your need to do now is adding meat and egg- the two main ingredients in diet. Then you gradually adding a small amount of others foods in the meal with mixed processing and the amount of food is increased as the time goes by so as your child can get acquaintance with the new diet.

Listing all the bored foods that your child does not want to eat. Then adding them into diet with a witty cooking method; if your child does not want to eat vegetables, you can chop the vegetables into small pieces then steaming, stirring with meats and eggs. Colorful vegetables with witty cooking methods will pay attention to your child.

And you also need to remember that forcing a child to eat even make it feel bored with the food. So you do not force your child to eat so much, let him eat freely and slowly. You also need to appreciate the favorite foods of your child. Listing favorite foods and carefully cooking it with new foods in a small amount. This will make your child easy to eat, but also creating the distinction to change new taste for him. Your child will be amazed about that.

On the other hand, snacks should be restricted to make your child goes on a scientific and healthy diet. Snacks, sweets, soda … will make your child easy to get obesity and take effects on the digestion when your child will not eat anything in the main meals. Doing exercises or doing simple house chore before meal are also recommended as this making the child feel hungry in the meal and also making the health of your baby stronger.

At this period, the diet condition of your child has not fully completed yet; so you have to buy milk to add nutrition instead of bored meals. 3 cups of milk per day is a good idea; one in the breakfast, one after lunch and one before going to bed. Also, after meals, you should feed your child with some desserts like yoghurt, fruits, milk to adding nutrients lacking in the meals. Enzymes like lysine and minerals can improve your child’s appetite.

Baby swim suit

How to choose the right swimsuit for a baby?

It is very interesting that your family goes on holiday in the weekend and it is much greater if the destination for the holiday is a dreamy beach. The climate and air in the beach is very wonderful and ideal for a holiday trip; however, your small baby needs to be put suitable suits and clothes on to protect it from harsh sunlight and to make it comfort during the trip.

There are many kinds of baby swimsuit available on the market with various shapes and colors. They are all very cute with cartoon images, logos, favorite characters of babies … however, the most important criteria for choosing a suitable swimsuit for your baby is the comfortableness of the suit with best materials for baby. All parents want to make their babies look fabulous in fashion and lovely swimsuit. However, the suit need to be fitted the babies to make them easy to move, swim, and play.


There are many fashion and lovely swimsuits on sale that all mothers immediately want to buy it for your baby right at the first sight. The designs of swimsuit are numerous for the mothers to choose, they are ranging from one piece swimsuits to bikinis … also, the patterns on the swimsuits are very cute and catchy as they can be colorful strips, dots or favorite cartoon characters or beautiful flowers ….for baby boys, the mothers can choose cute shorts with small cartoon patterns or simple lines.

The material is also important as you should not choose too thin fabric material. Since the baby’s skin is more delicate and sensible than adult’s skin, moderate thickness fabric is recommended


An ideal swimsuit for your baby is a suit that fits your baby’s body. If the suit is too tight, it will create itchiness for your baby. On the contrary, if the suit is too loose, it will easy to slip out of the body creating the comfortableness in movements and looking bad. Many parents have tendency to choose loose swimsuits as they worry that their babies will be grow fast. However, it is a bad idea as the loose swimsuits also make more skin areas of the baby’s body exposed to the sunlight

In order that the mother can easy to choose fit swimsuits for the baby, after wearing the swimsuits on, the baby can moves, stands up, sits down … as the baby feel free in the suit, it is the right item.

Anti-UV swimsuit

Even when the mother carefully uses sunscreen for the baby, it does not mean that the baby will not get harmful effects from sunlight. Nowadays, there are many swimsuits items that have ability as sunscreen especially they have anti-UV feature. When buying these items, you should check the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) index on the suits. Swimsuits with the UPF index from 50 on can protect your baby from 97.5% UV amount emitted from sunlight.

Swimsuits accessories

Many babies have sensitive skin; they are easily to get rashes when they are wearing waterproof and tight swimsuits. You need to buy a wide-brimmed hat to shield the face, neck parts of your baby. Moreover, sunglasses and sunscreen is a must items for babies while bathing in the sunshine beach. For many babies, swim diapers are useful when it helps the baby urine does not leak out to the water. Swim diapers with good flexibility is recommended to buy as it creates comfortableness for the users.


Sunbathing for baby: things mothers need to know

As many mothers know, vitamin D plays an important role in the baby’s development as it enhances the resistance of the baby to fight against harmful infectious diseases. However, the right sunbathing method to make the baby get vitamin D safely and rapidly is not an easy work for all mothers.

When to start sunbathing

Only 10 days after birth, your baby can have a sunbathing. Sunbathing will help your baby itself synthesize vitamin D when the ultra violet from sun. In fact, 80% of vitamin D amount is synthesized by sunbathing; the rest comes from breast milk and nutrition diet.

Time for sunbathing

8:00 am to 9:00 am of summer days is the best time for your baby to have a sunbathing. Because, in the time the atmosphere layer is thinner and there is less vapor evaporates than any other times of the day; so there are much ultra violet beams. In cold weather, you can give sunbathing for your baby in the time from 9:00 to 10:00 am; however, the best time is from 15:00 to 17:00 pm as the morning is colder and your baby may catch cold.

How to sunbath

Trial period: after 10 days of birth, you need to bring your baby into a shadow outside the house to make your baby get acquaintance with the outside atmosphere. Or else, you can out your baby near the window opened to get the UV. The time for sunbathing in the period can be raised from 10, 20 to 30 minutes in the next days. However, the period is only applied for summer.

Sunbathing: from the 14th day of the trial period, you can bring your baby to the sunlight with foots, ankles, front and back side of the back opened to get sunbathing in 5 minutes. The next day, you can fold the jumpsuit up to knee of your baby and sunbathing in 15 minutes is adequate. After 15 days of sunbathing, you can stop for your baby to rest for about 10 days then the sunbathing period can be continued.

Also, when sunbath your baby, you do not have to put all the clothes of your baby off. You only fold the clothes up in the part of the body you want to sunbath. For example, if you want sunbath the back of your baby, you need to fold the pull up to let the UV go straight into the back of your baby. Furthermore, putting all the clothes off may make your baby easy to get cold.

After sunbathing, you should use a soft towel to absorb the sweat of your baby and let it drink a little water. Also, you should put more clothes on your baby as the sunlight make the pores on your baby’s skin widen and it will be catch cold when turn inside the house.

Sunbathing in winter

In the winter, your baby can continue to be sunbathed. However, the cold climate will make your baby easy to catch cold; therefore, you need to warm up the soles, palms, neck of your baby. The parts to get sunbath are: laps, arms, stomach and back.


  • Not to let the sunlight go direct to head, face of your baby because the UV can do harm for your baby’s eyes and brain development.
  • When your baby is getting acute illnesses, endocrine diseases, you must use Quinolone antibiotics and do not sunbath for your baby.
  • Sunbathing in a dry, clean, quiet and spacious to get more sunlight; do not sunbath in windy places and if you want to sunbath your baby in the house, you need to open one side of the window to the sun path.